Topshop spring 09

Topshop presented their spring collection 2009. fill with many stone colour, pastel tone and many stonewash jeans. The runway is featuring models in giant bow tie headwrap.
Hold your breath and just wait for this collection that might be inspire you for style up in the next season.

j'adore Yoshitomo Nara

Yoshitomo nara is a japanese pop artist, he born 1959 ini hirosaki japan and currently live in tokyo. first came to the fore of the art world during Japan’s Pop art movement in the 1990s. The subject matter of his sculptures and paintings is deceptively simple: most works depict one seemingly innocuous subject (often pastel-hued children and animals drawn with confident, cartoonish lines) with little or no background. But these children, who appear at first to be cute and even vulnerable, sometimes brandish weapons like knives and saws. Their wide eyes often hold accusatory looks that could be sleepy-eyed irritation at being awoken from a nap—or that could be undiluted expressions of hate.
Influence of his 1960s childhood are both clear influences on Nara's stylized, large-eyed figures. Narasubverts these typically cute images, however, by infusing his works with horror-like imagery. This juxtaposition of human evil with the innocent child may be a reaction to Japan's rigid social convention. and music of Nara's youth has also influenced the artist's work. Recalling a similar – if more unsettling – image of rebellious, violent youth, Nara's art embraces the punk ethos. That said, Nara has also cited traditions as varied as Renaissance painting, literature, illustration, and graffiti as further inspiration.

what ERA r u ?

just arrived new vans classic era in black.
size men us = 4 ; women us = 5,5

come and check it!!!


Scissor sisters

Deadboy limited is a premium line from deadboy with affordable prices, they also have a line for women, the designers looked towards the style of effortless, classic,and stylish young lady and inspired by iconic ladies such as audrey hepburn,twiggy,etc.
and this is a few collection from Deadboy Limited for women.
just visit their minimalist and comfy store at:
Jl.Bulungan raya no : 8c. (psssttt...u can meet EVE too in here)
phone: +6221-72786025
or u can check their website:
www.deadboylimited.com and www.deadboylimited.blogspot.com

from left to right :

Here comes the comb

the true beauty sticks on eve

Zippen the Lippen

EVE is the new Hello